Why Others Decided to Protect What’s Most Important

The Paul Goebel Group has been administering insurance programs for members of the Grand Rapids community for over 80 years. We have helped thousands of Michigan residents and their families across the state find the insurance protection they need. Below are some insights shared by recent customers on why Life insurance was important to them and how they felt about the purchase process.

All chose to purchase individual Life insurance to supplement their employer plan. It’s a common practice among business professionals as it allows for,

  • Tailoring a plan to meet specific needs;
  • Ensuring continual coverage, even if there is a change in employment; and
  • Guaranteed coverage for a set period of time, even if there is a change in health.

All clients were asked the following questions.

  • What prompted you to purchase Life insurance?
  • How easy was the process?
  • How did you feel about the price and how did that influence your selection?

Meet Client A: Early 30’s, purchased $500,000 each with a 20-year term

I had a recent job promotion and we have a new baby. I thought about buying before the baby was born, and ultimately made the purchase just after his birth.

Based on the coverage amount we purchased, we had to go through full medical underwriting, including an exam. Given we are relatively young and healthy it was easier than I expected.

We were really pleased to be able buy the amount of coverage we felt we needed while staying within our budget.

Meet Client B: One spouse age 47, the other age 52 purchased $500,000 each with a 20-year term

We have two children under age 10 and purchased life insurance on the advice of our financial advisor. We last purchased life insurance 6 or 7 years ago after our kids were born but, at the time, because of the unexpectedly high price point, particularly for my spouse who had some pre-existing conditions, we bought less coverage than we had intended.

Our advisor had recommended we each get $1 million of coverage, but we ultimately each only bought $500,000 to save on cost.

Last year, as the global pandemic looked like it could claim any of us at any time, or lead to a pre-existing condition that could drive up the price or make us uninsurable, we thought it made sense to fully protect our family. We were happy to find a plan that balanced both our budget and protection needs.

Meet Client C: Male age 59, purchased $250,000 and a 15-year term

The term on my prior coverage had expired so I was without protection. As I have an adult son with disabilities, it was important for me to keep coverage in place. It gives me peace of mind knowing that if something were to happen to me prematurely, my life insurance benefits could help cover the costs and expenses associated with my son’s care and help ensure the quality of life he is used to.

There was one hiccup during the underwriting process that initially slowed my application down. But once we got that addressed it all went very quickly. And I am generally satisfied with the price-for-benefit value of the coverage. It seems like a reasonable price to pay to know my children’s collective and individual challenges would be supported.

Meet Client D: Male age 56, purchased $250,000 and a 10-year term initially. A year later he consolidated all of his coverage under one $500,000 10-year term policy

I thought about buying additional coverage for several months before doing it. I calculated what it would cost for my wife and children to be financially supported if I were not there to provide for them. I accounted for the loss of income, the cost of college and our mortgage. I decided I wanted enough insurance that would pay for college and pay off the house. It gave me the confidence to know they could continue their lifestyle.

This is the 3rd time I have purchased life insurance. I think you always would like to have more, but also feel the amount I chose could reasonably allow my family to be financially unaffected should I pass away unexpectedly.  Luckily, it was also within my budget.

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Jeff Elble

Vice President of Sales

Paul Goebel Group employee since 1997


Jeff Elble

Vice President of Sales

Paul Goebel Group employee since 1997


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