Medical Travel Insurance

Ideal for students traveling abroad to study, Spring Break trips with the family, and any international travel up to 180 day. Obtaining the right medical service when overseas can be costly and time consuming.

Low Cost + High Value = Peace of Mind

For under a $100 per trip you can get up to $1,000,000 in medical/$500,000 emergency medical transportation coverage. Includes 100% coverage for surgery, doctors’ visits, x-rays, ambulance, and dental care up to $200, and more. Emergency medical transportation up to $500,000 and family member travel arrangements up to $2,500. You have 24/7 access to Member Services to walk you through the entire process.

You Have Choices

You can pick your medical limits and deductibles, and you have the choice between two levels of coverage; Essential and Choice.

Single trip up to 108 days, multiple trip, and even global living for trip lasting up to 6 months.

Apply online in minutes. Pay by credit card. Coverage is effective.

Do I really need this?

Accessing healthcare in some parts of the world can be tricky. Some hospitals won’t provide any treatment—or won’t allow a patient to be discharged—until the hospital has received a guarantee of payment. Without a travel medical plan, you’ll have to pay in advance, perhaps as much as tens of thousands of dollars, with your credit card. Of course, for this to work the hospital must accept foreign credit cards and you must have a sufficient credit limit.

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